Get to know KMZ Orthoman

Let’s get to know KMZ Orthoman

Your Orthopedic Consultant Specialist

Dr. Kamarulzaman Hj M.S Kadir

Dr. Kamarulzaman Hj M.S Kadir better known as Dr. KMZ is an Orthopedic Specialist Doctor trained with extensive expertise in the field of orthopedics and sports.

Dr. KMZ is ready to share knowledge and treat orthopedic issues as well as sports-related injuries commonly faced by athletes and active individuals. He currently serves at three clinics in the Klang Valley.


What is Sports


What is Sports


Refers to the specialized field of sports orthopedic medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, injury, and treatment of musculoskeletal issues related to sports and physical activities.

Patient Q&A

“We need to be cautious when massaging. Avoid excessive force and aggressiveness that involves the joints. Sudden movements of the bone joints during massage can sometimes cause nerve damage.”

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You Ask, Doctor Answers

Dr. Kamarulzaman, also known as KMZ Orthoman. Dr. Kamarulzaman became a specialist doctor after completing his studies at the UKM Medical Center (PPUKM). During his time at HTAR Klang, he was appointed as a part-time lecturer to teach students from MSU and postgraduates from local universities such as UM, UKM, UPM, USM, and UIA. Dr.

Kamarulzaman is the originator of the idea “Approach to Part 2 OSC examination” for master’s graduates taking the final examination.

He is currently stationed at Hospital Pusrawi (full-time), Hospital Avisena, and Pusat Perubatan Srikota (Part-Time). Do not hesitate to share any orthopedic-related problems and ask questions.